Saturday, December 17, 2011

In Which I Bid Thee Adou (Sort of)

A few days ago I recieved an e-mail. From another Belle Fleur Photography. It said that if I didn't stop useing this blog that the owner of the other Belle Fleur photography would sue me. Which is ridiculous. She has no trademark. So, out of respect, I am not going to be useing this blog anymore. I am keeping it though. I am not deleting it, because the other Belle Fleur Photography told me suspifically to delete. I know that all she wants is the blog address. that was kind of obvious. So, I might just offer to sell this domain to the owner of the other Belle Fleur Photography.

So, now, I will posting on Lily Caroline Photography. Please follow that blog, and unfollow this one. I find it really sad to have to abandon this blog, I mean 64 followers!! And I feel as though I am abandoning you all :( I have moved all my posts over to my new blog, so everuything is all there, and I'm deleting all post but this one on this blog.

So, please follow my newer blog Lily Caroline Photography, it would make me really happy :)

thank you guys :)